The competition Setup

The contestants do not have to implement any graphical interface. All game GUI are implemented and provided. Moreover all rules of the selected game are implemented in an API that is provided. This API gives some functions to ease as much as possible the implementation of the AI. MAIC takes place in 3 phases: Group phase, Semi-final, and Final. Depending on the number of the registered teams, they are divided in some groups. Below we describe how the games are played during the different phases:

  1. Group phase
  2. In this phase, each agent plays two games (a first leg and a second leg) against each other agent in the same group. The first leg of an agent is when it plays first. If an agent wins a match, it obtains 3 points; if it looses, it has no point; and if it is a draw, each agent gets 1 130 point. Then, after all matches in a group, the best two agents with the best number of points obtained are qualified. Some tie-breaking rules are set depending on the game.

  3. Semi-final
  4. Semi-final. This is a direct elimination phase. If n is the number of groups (A, B, C, D, ...), at this step, we will have 2n agents. The first of group 135 A will play against the second of group B and the second of group A will met the first of group B; same between the groups C and D; and others.

  5. Final
  6. At this step, we have the n finalists. As for the group phase, each agent plays with each other finalist (a first leg and a second leg). The ranking is made with regard to the total points obtained.

The rules

  1. Participants are teams with 2 or 3 members. Everyone can participate from anywhere in the world.

  2. The calendar with key dates is clearly stated before the competition. A submission that does not respect the deadline is simply discarded.

  3. The principles to constitute the different groups are clearly stated before the competition. The default rule is the random.

  4. During a game between two AI, if a program crash, it automatically looses the game. The default score for this kind of game is clearly stated at the beginning of the competition.

  5. There is a time limit to take the decision at each step during the game. In case of no decision, a random action is taken among the feasible ones and the game continues. The time limit is clearly stated at the beginning of the competition.

  6. The qualified teams can improved their respective AI and re-submit them 155 between two phases with regard to the calendar announced.

  7. The competition chair reserves the right to make the final decision in case of controversy.