The third edition of MAIC: MAIC 2019

Yote, the MAIC 2019 game

The game selected for the third edition of MAIC is Yote. It is a strategy board game from West African widely practiced in Senegal, Mali, and Burkina Faso. The goal of the game is to capture all the pieces of your opponent.

MAIC 2019 used the classical 6 × 5 board. Yote is deterministic, turn-taking, two-players, zero-sum, with complete and perfect information about the board. The rules of the game can be viewed here . The source code is available at with a readme for the installation.

The Yote mobile application

One of the aims of MAIC is to promote some society games. Then for each competition, a mobile application is developed and is publicly available. The Yote mobile application is available here on the Google Play Store.

MAIC 2019 Groups

# Group A --> Download traces Group B --> Download traces Group C --> Download traces Group D --> Download traces
1 JJA -> Semifinalist AI4Yu IwanjuTech MDG -> Semifinalist
2 Deep Mind Futurama SMA -> Finalist Amon
3 GEM Kernel_Clem -> Finalist TZ98 XY
4 Korify Dracula VY -> Finalist MAGE
5 Rork Binaire Upgrade KISS -> Semifinalist
6 Les Tackas WTH -> Semifinalist BREF Lightning
7 Zinzeg Team -> Finalist Hunter's Team Brigh'Team
# Group E --> Download traces Group F --> Download traces Group G --> Download traces Group H --> Download traces
1 Team Total -> Finalist SLH -> Finalist DevAI Laika -> Semifinalist
2 Dart IA BAF Team Triple Threat Code++
3 Barça ea-create AJY Destiny
4 edAI_MAIC -> Semifinalist Deep Race HGN -> Finalist #Zon
5 ELITE GodisGreat -> Semifinalist Phoenix -> Semifinalist Azaba
6 Lynx The Machine Spartacus Gekido -> Finalist


Download traces

MAIC 2019 Teams

# Team Name Institution Country
1 Kernel_Clem CEPEI Colombia Colombie
3 edAI_MAIC Kazan Federal University Russie, fédération de
4 Lynx IMSP Bénin
5 The Machine Institute of Mathematics and Physics Bénin
6 Rork IFRI-UAC Bénin
7 Laika Centre Informatique et de Calcul Togo
8 Azaba Ifri uac Bénin
9 DevAI AIMS-Senegal Bénin
10 Gekido LJ GROUP Bénin
11 Destiny EPAC/UAC Bénin
12 ELITE Ucao Bénin
13 WTH Ecole Polytechnique d'Abomey-Calavi Bénin
14 Code++ Orishas finance Bénin
15 TZ98 École Supérieure Polytechnique de Dakar Sénégal
16 DartIA Lycée Technique Bénin
17 KiSS Osaka Prefecture University Japon
18 ea-create Universités de Limoges France
19 VY EPAC Bénin
20 Team total École supérieure saints félicité Bénin
21 Spartacus AIESEC Bénin
22 SLH Ecole Polytechnique D'abomey Calavi Bénin
23 Korify Epac Bénin
24 SMA EPAC Bénin
25 Deep Mind IFRI Bénin
26 DRACULA Université de Bourgogne France
27 Phoenix EPAC Bénin
28 HGN EPAC Bénin
29 JJA EPAC Bénin
30 Futurama Institut National del'Eau du Bénin (INE/UAC) Bénin
31 AJY EPAC Bénin
32 IwanjuTech IwanjuTech Bénin
33 BREF Institut de Formation et de Recherche en Informatique (IFRI) Bénin
34 Amon Institut de Formation et de Recherche en Informatique ( IFRI ) Bénin
35 Brigh'Team Guys Engaged in Exchanging Knowledge in Data Science (GEEK-DS) Côte d'ivoire
36 MAGE Institut de Formation et de Recherche en Informatique (IFRI) Bénin
37 MDG EPAC Bénin
38 XY IFRI Bénin
39 Barça IFRI Bénin
40 Zinzeg Ecole Polytechnique d'Abomey-Calavi Bénin
41 GodIsGreat EPAC Bénin
42 AI4U Mivoo Togo
43 Lightning UAC Bénin
44 DeepRace Carnegie Mellon University Africa Rwanda
45 Les Tackas IUT Lokossa Bénin
46 Triple Threat EPAC Bénin
47 #Zon EPAC Bénin
48 Hunter's Team EPAC/UAC Bénin
49 BAF team EPAC/UAC Bénin
50 Upgrade UCAO Bénin
52 Binaire HECM Calavi Bénin
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