The first international edition of MAIC: MAIC 2018

Seega, the MAIC 2018 game

The game selected for the second edition of MAIC is the board game Seega. The origins of the Seega date back to ancient times when Egypt was under Roman rule. It is still practiced in present-day in Egypt, in Ethiopia and especially in Somalia. In Somalia, when Bedouins guiding camels through the desert find themselves facing a sandstorm, they pitch their tents and spend time developing new tactics. Seega is a 5 × 5 board game in which each player has 12 pieces. Some variants are played on larger boards of 7 × 7 or 9 × 9.
MAIC 2018 used the classical 5 × 5 board. The goal of the gameis to capture all the pieces of your opponent (or as much as possible when the game arrives at a blocking configuration). Seega is deterministic, turn-taking, two-players, zero-sum, with complete and perfect information about the board. Seega has two different phases, one as strategic as the other: the deployment phase and the movements phase.

The Seega mobile application

One of the aims of MAIC is to promote some society games. Then for each competition, a mobile application is developed and is publicly available. The Seega mobile application is available on the Google Play Store Seega MAIC and offers the following modes:

  • play Seega human VS human on the same smart-phone/tablet;

  • play Seega human VS human online;

  • play human VS AI, the AI are the best 3 AI of the competition.

MAIC2018-Seega source code

The source code for MIFY Articificial Intelligence Contest 2018 with the finalists's AI code is available here : MAIC2018-Seega code



Semifinal match

Participant List

# Team Organization Country
1 Systify Devup Benin
2 WTH EPAC Benin
3 DSH IFRI Benin
4 Les scorpions UCAO Benin
5 Geeks IFRI Benin
6 Born to code IFRI Benin
7 Lemondev Sup telecoms Benin
8 Team BHD EPAC Benin
9 ADA's Team UCAO Benin
10 UCAD Team Université Cheik Anta Diop Senegal
11 K-HUM Osaka prefecture university Japan
12 Synaps+ Ipent institute of technology Togo
13 IntelliJ C2i Startup Benin
14 Triple A UCAO Benin
15 SunTech UATM Gaza Benin
16 Alpha Zero Université féderale de Kazan Russia
17 DHZ Université polytechnique de Dakar Senegal
18 Les vaiqueurs UCAO Benin
19 KnowlegTeam ENEAM Benin
20 Digital Sun IFRI Benin
21 The Eagle UCAO Benin
22 Hardy IFRI Benin
23 JJH EPAC Benin
24 AshFy IMSP Benin
25 Smart Mind UCAO Benin
26 Deep B IFRI Benin
27 Q-Coding Centre Informatique et de Calcul Togo
28 Optimus Hoversoft Benin
29 RAB Tech RAB Tech Benin
30 We_Can_Team UCAO Benin
31 Souba Souba Benin
32 Berlin ENEAM Benin
33 I-makers/td> Ipnet institute of technology Togo
34 Ariane Team EPAC Benin
35 CFM EPAC Benin
36 SmartDev UCAO Benin
37 SLH EPAC Benin
38 ORO2018 Iwaju Benin
39 Imsp team IMSP Benin
40 KSMILE Osaka prefecture university Japan
41 C2I Startup C2I Startup Benin
42 IFRI Benin
43 Doesntmatter Ucl Belgium
44 G.A.D_Code IFRI Benin
45 MLVelocity IFRI Benin
46 Blacknet C2I Startup Benin
47 Intelligence Club UCAO Benin
48 Avengers IFRI Benin
49 Korify EPAC Benin
50 Gamers RAD's business Benin
51 OBF EPAC Benin
52 TheFirst IUST-AS Benin
53 Pat TAT Japon
54 Les outsiders UCAO Benin


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